Saturday, May 3, 2014

I'm crazy, I'm a fool, I believe in destiny...

No matter how cheerful and clever I am, standing in front of you, my crush, I'm just a girl.

I love writing. Everything on my mind are in pink, any situation can happen the way I want. But when It comes to real-life, all I can do is being shy and blushing. I think that I would talk to you about everything. But the fact is I can't spell a word.

I'm crazy, I'm a fool, I believe in destiny. Ridiculous! There is nothing called "destiny". A dream is just a movie that broadcast when you are unconscious. People like things that they can't have, aren't they? Sometimes I wondered if we could turn back time, would I come and say "Hi" to you ? Or atleast looking at your eyes and smiling instead of peep at you from my table which causing the regret of me everytime I think about you. After that day, I had some relationships, falling for many people but the slealth memories I had with you, I still can't earase it. I still keep you snap in my wallet, sometimes recall the memories like a habit with a stranger...

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